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1 UK volunteer and another 57 rainwater tanks

Ashton Hayes Primary 4Since taking groups of volunteers to Uganda over the last decade, we have met a few volunteers who have been willing and able to lead an independent trip. In November 2018 Stewart Clark led one such trip, expanding our operations into a new area – Kisoro – and working with a partnership organisation Great Apes Film Initiative to reach families in need of reliable water for growing fruit and vegetables.

This fantastic partnership saw Stewart and our Ugandan team,  led by Frances Amulen, train up a new set of people to build tanks and teach horticultural techniques. The tanks were built in a new challenging environment with different homestead structures and landscapes to deal with. Stewart led the Ugandan team and partners to build 57 tanks, benefiting over 500 people.

If you would like to join one of our volunteer groups heading to Uganda this year then please email [email protected] in the first instance and he can talk you through the options. If you’re an organisation working in Uganda and would like to partner with us to benefit the communities you work with then please email [email protected].

We want to continue to take groups of volunteers, but also train up some potential independent project managers. This will help us scale our operations and meet a growing demand for rainwater harvesting tanks and horticultural training in new parts of Uganda facing the same problems of unreliable rain affecting harvests and livelihoods.

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