Leadership and team building skills

The people who go out to Uganda learn a great deal in two weeks – not only about the country and its people but also about themselves. Your company can benefit by supporting individuals to take part in a two week leadership or team building exercise.




DRIP for business

What your employees will learn

All trip volunteers feedback what they have learnt on a trip and comments often include surprise at themselves for being able to do the work required against the cultural, environmental and social barriers they faced.

They work in close proximity with new people in new, often difficult, situations. They find ways to overcome the language barriers and work as a team with Ugandans. They enjoy the cultural differences. They cope with setbacks and problems and work under pressure in a hot climate. They survive the basic accommodation and they all pull together for the joint goal of building as many tanks as possible during their time in Uganda.

Whether they are the team leader, the deputy team leader or one of the team members they all learn new skills and return to their jobs better equipped to face everyday challenges.

If your company would like to talk to us about how your team could benefit from volunteering with us then please contact [email protected] who can help put together a leadership or team building plan with you.

How can my company get involved?

We can work with you to benchmark your employees leadership and team building skills and put together a training plan for them to complete in the run up to and on a trip to Uganda.

My company would like to help but can’t release people to join a trip to Uganda

In addition to supporting employees to attend a trip there are a number of other ways that companies can support DRIP.

One of our key relationships over the past decade has been with Amec Foster Wheeler. They have match funded individuals donations (to the tune of £800 per individual), supported fundraising initiatives, provided administrative support and donated workwear and equipment.

In return they have received recognition for their charitable support, name checked DRIP in their sustainability reports and benefited from employees learning new life skills.

We would like to extend our corporate relationships to other companies who can work in a similar win-win way. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to find out more




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