What the money buys

Each volunteer raises £1600 to join a trip which pays for training, flights to Uganda, accommodation, travel, all hardware needed to build the rainwater tanks, seeds, saplings and basic tools for kitchen gardens .




What The Money Buys

Over seven thousand Ugandans, and counting

Since DRIP’s inception in 2006, teams have built over 700 rainwater harvesting tanks in Uganda, benefitting around 7000 people. These people have been offered a way out of poverty by receiving a tank and the tools and knowledge to maximise its use by tending kitchen gardens. We’re really proud of what we have done, of how we work alongside Ugandans to achieve our successes, and of operating at a grassroots level to run this ‘bottom-up’ project. We avoid politics and corruption this way and can honestly say that every £1 donated goes towards volunteers building tanks. Any non-trip overheads are covered by the gift aid on donations that we receive from the UK Government.

Donations in time and money

A number of significant people donate their time to make our project a success. Whether these are the volunteers heading out to Uganda or the people offering back office support, we wouldn’t exist without their compassion and generosity.

DRIP keeps its overheads low by having a low presence and minimal overheads. No staff, no rent, no phones/computers/cars, all volunteers.

The £1600 cost per volunteer for the 2 week trip is split roughly as follows:

40% flights
38% actual in country project costs
10% transport in country
6% accommodation
5% volunteer welfare
1% preparation in the UK.

Partnerships in Uganda and the UK

We welcome the opportunity of working with other organisations as this usually results in a bigger impact for the recipients of our project. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in partnering with us. The following companies are testament to the fact that recognised organisations see the value of DRIP and support the work we are doing:

• Ugandan Red Cross Society
• Oxfam Uganda
• Welsh College of Horticulture
• Practical Action

DRIP receives no funding from these collaborations. During each visit to Uganda, a community based organisation that DRIP set up in the country organise a rally which is their opportunity to flaunt DRIP and the UK volunteers to local dignitaries and increase community awareness and buy in to the project.

The visit to the UK of the Ugandan facilitator, Frances Amulen, in summer 2011 helped demonstrate the impact DRIP has had on her fellow countrymen.


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